Ski Doo XM/XS R.A.M. Guard Protective Knee Pads

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Ski Doo XM/XS R.A.M. Guard Protective Knee Pads
Ski Doo XM/XS R.A.M. Guard Protective Knee Pads protects knees and shins from impact against the console in front of the seat, also provides great padding for forward riders and aggressive riders so they can lean and push against the pads and use the leverage for maneuvering and carving in deep powder.
Ski Doo XM/XS R.A.M. Guard Protective Knee Pads are 1/2” thick peel and stick adhesive backed foam pads that can be installed quickly and easily to the console of snowmobiles. Each Knee Pad is approximately 9” X 4-3/8”
Made in USA!!


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