Ski Doo XM/XS Front Grill Vent Cover Panel

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2013-2019 Ski Doo XM/XS Front Grill Vent Cover Panel

Front Grill Vent Cover Panel allows under the hood to breathe in cold air and expel heat, while at the same time keeping snow out and forming into a block of ice which adds weight to the front end.
Features & Benefits Include:
Lightweight flexable laser-cut aluminum frame construction, won't block off half the air like solid perforated aluminum. 

  • High volume air flowing PVC coated polyester mesh is strong, long lasting & has proven durability.  

Wrapped aluminum frame - (Wrapping mesh around the frame prevents catching, snagging & won’t allow the mesh to push through the frame)
The panels are easily installed with two S.S. Screws that are provided with the panel.
Made in USA!

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